Facial trauma can occur in many different ways. Some common causes include high-velocity motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports-related injuries, interpersonal violence and incidents at work. Surgery is warranted when the injuries sustained result in the damage of the overlying soft tissue, facial bones, skull, teeth or supporting bone inside the mouth.

Dr. Pierse has completed comprehensive training in trauma and reconstructive surgery. The treatment of such cases is a fine balance between surgery and art. He is highly skilled and uniquely qualified to manage and treat such injuries.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Facial Trauma

Dr. Pierse typically repairs deep facial lacerations with sutures. His treatment emphasizes a cosmetic outcome, aiming to restore the patient’s original appearance and to reduce scarring. As a surgeon, he has detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck. Based on his expertise, every attempt is made to preserve structures inside the soft tissue that are essential to proper function.

Treatment for Hard Tissue Facial Trauma

The surgical techniques that Dr. Pierse chooses to repair facial bone fractures depend on several factors. These include the location of the fractures, their severity and the patient’s medical history and age.

To correct these fractures, the patient’s jaws may be wired together to limit movement and increase healing. The fractures are stabilized by fixing the bone in place with small surgical plates and screws. This rigid fixation technique allows the bones to heal and strengthen over time.

As with treatment for soft tissue facial trauma, Dr. Pierse focuses intently on restoring the patient’s appearance. He utilizes specific techniques to access the facial bones, creating the fewest and smallest incisions possible to repair the damage. This reduces the patient’s overall healing time as well as minimizing the appearance of scars.

Treatment for the Dentition and Supporting Bone

Facial trauma can displace or dislodge the teeth as well as fracture the respective supporting bone. In these situations, patients should visit Precision Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery as soon as possible so that Dr. Pierse can address the problem effectively.

Facial trauma that causes damage to the teeth may require treatment from experts in several different areas of dental medicine. Patients may require Dr. Pierse for their surgical needs, an Endodontist to perform root canal therapy and a cosmetic dentist or Prosthodontist to restore the damaged dentition.

With all types of facial trauma, patients benefit from the expertise and collaboration of specialists. Dr. Pierse works closely with other clinicians and leverages his years of experience to provide patients with the best care possible.

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