Bone grafting is a supplemental procedure that can augment bone deficiencies by building on the existing oral anatomy. The procedure is often conducted in order to prepare sites for future implant placement improving the patient’s function, esthetics and overall quality of life.

Like all other aspects of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, bone grafting relies on thorough treatment planning and adept surgical skills. Since the final restoration is of utmost importance, Dr. Pierse works closely with referring clinicians to achieve the best surgical and prosthetic outcome.

Why Bone Grafting?

When non-restorable teeth are involved, they are extracted, thereby leaving defects in the supporting bone. Bone grafting fills in these voids and allows the bone to heal three-dimensionally, maintaining the site(s) for future implant placement.

Patients may also require augmentation in sites where the dentition is already missing. Once the teeth are gone, the native bone resorbs or “melts away,” leaving potential implant sites deficient. Insufficient bone may also be the result of previous trauma or major infection.

Bone grafting can also be utilized during sinus augmentation procedures prior to implant placement. The procedure involves elevating the sinus floor, therefore providing more bone three-dimensionally for implant placement.

Another important role for bone grafting involves the augmentation of impacted third molar sites. Due to the orientation of the impacted dentition and the potential size of the defect, Dr. Pierse will often graft the site(s) to minimize bone loss and provide increased support for the adjacent teeth.

During the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Pierse will take the time to discuss the procedure in detail. He will also answer any questions and address any concerns that the patient may have. Please feel free to call our office and learn more about bone grafting or to schedule an appointment.

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