When patients are missing many or all of their teeth, their quality of life can be drastically reduced. Missing teeth can affect not only their health and physical appearance but also their comfort in social settings and emotional well-being.

Dr. Pierse provides patients with a viable solution tailored to their specific needs. This process restores their physical condition and self-confidence and decreases their overall treatment time.

Full Arch Reconstruction / All on 4 

As a dual specialist, Dr. Pierse approaches these unique cases with the restorative goal in mind. He works closely with referring clinicians and carefully reviews all the clinical and radiographic diagnostic material prior to performing surgery. 


  • The referring dentist or Prosthodontist prepares the patient’s clinical and radiographic diagnostic records and sends this information to a premier dental laboratory. The lab then fabricates a set of temporary teeth for the patient, as well as the surgical guides for Dr. Pierse. These teeth are specifically designed for the patient so that they look and feel like their natural dentition.
  • Dr. Pierse performs the entire procedure in several hours. The surgery is conducted while the patient is comfortably sedated. Once the surgery is complete, the temporary restorations are placed, allowing patients to leave Precision Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with functional and natural-looking teeth.
  • Approximately 6 months from the date of surgery, the restoring dentist will re-evaluate the patient for the final restoration(s). While fabrication of the final restorations is taking place, the patient continues to wear the temporaries, thus never having to go without teeth.
  • The final implant-supported restoration is placed, at which point the patient can enjoy renewed function, better aesthetics, and an improved sense of confidence.

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