Facial reconstruction procedures correct deformities that occur as a result of trauma or pathology in the head and neck region. Each surgery that Dr. Pierse performs is patient specific and has the goal of restoring form, function and esthetics.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Pierse conducts a thorough exam and reviews all of the relevant diagnostic imaging. He discusses the risks, benefits and alternatives to treatment and he affords his patient as much time as they need to ask questions and/or share their concerns with him. Dr. Pierse wants his patients and their loved ones to be fully informed and completely comfortable with their course of treatment.

The surgery is performed in a hospital setting so that patients can receive comprehensive care throughout their course of treatment. If a patient has existing pathology that requires removal, the defect created is reconstructed with a combination of hard and soft tissue grafts either harvested from the patient or obtained from outside sources.

Dr. Pierse will support all aspects of the patient’s surgery, including preparation, operation and recovery. Among his top priorities, he gives those in his care a complete understanding of the entire process, confidence in his treatment and the comfort and compassion every patient deserves.

The Patient Experience

Dr. Pierse and the team at Precision Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provide attentive and personal care to all of their patients. They also understand that people who require facial reconstructive surgery have very specific and unique concerns regarding their condition and overall course of treatment.

If you would like a consultation, please contact Precision Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery online or by phone at Phoenix Office Phone Number (623) 518-2325.